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We performe many types of road transport services such as:


-          Classic cargo, transport

-          The transport of volume goods

-          Export of goods of more customers

-          Storage of small items

-          Organization of transport

-          transshipment of goods


INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT (EU and other countries)


Years of experiences and quality services in international transport enables us to offer their subscribers high-quality and reliable services abroad.


We ride in various countries of the European Union and other countries of Europe:


-         Austria

-         Denmark

-         Germany

-         Italia

-         France

-         Switzerland

-         Belgium

-         Croatia

-         The Netherlands

...for other destinations, please contact us.


Inland transport (Slovenia)
Road transport, distribution and transport of goods in Slovenia.
Years of experience in the field of internal transport (transport of goods in Slovenia), allow us to offer their subscribers reliable and quality services.

The individual agreement with subscribers to create form of cooperation, which is based on the desires and needs of clients. 


For storage of small and large items or goods, we have the following capacity:
• 200 m² store covered,
• 500 m² store on the outside (uncovered) areas
• Storage of large items can be store for a shorter period of time
• Storage of small items
For other destinations, please contact us. 

Transhipment of goods
In addition to transport and storage, we are also offering our subscribers transhipment of goods.
• We offer transhipment a pallet of goods
for other goods and shipments please contact us.

Price List
In an effort to achieve your aspirations and business ideas, please send us inquiry or contact us.
With your help we will effectively prepared an offer the most optimal for you.

Why choose us?
• The dynamism and flexibility for the customer
• Employees are able to communicate abroad
• Knowledge of the target area
• Our vehicles are environmentally safe (EURO5)
• A reliable, modern fleet
• The competitiveness of EU countries


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